Day 27/365 of my 5k USD monthly side income goal

This is part of the ongoing documentary of my journey to reach my ~5k USD monthly side income goal to be completed by 2019/7/22. Click here for why.

It’s been a while.

Maybe more than a while, lol. It’s 24 days since my last post.

So what’ve I done during these 24 days?

Last time I’ve talked about the virtue of “being lazy”, and during this period it’s a mixture of laziness, wildness of idea conceptions and just dealing with life matters. To summarize what has happened:

  • I’ve got myself a new job, finally! With a 30% pay raise. (Not that I have a high base) And I’ve resigned from my current job a few days ago. I should be able to work in my next job sometime during October. The new role seems a lot more exciting because I’m gonna be involved in developing a B2C virtual banking app.
  • All sorts of excuses kicked in whenever I try to work on this 5k project. I didn’t even feel motivated to write a blog post. It was too tiring for me somehow. And yes, what I’ve just said is an excuse too.
  • On my habit app –
    • So I’ve been researching for how best to scientifically change habits. And I saw there were researches which showed that most current habit apps are not based on science, but simply just fancy habit trackers. Thus, when you try to change a habit with a habit app, it works as long as you keep using it. Once you stop using the app, the habits may cease to exist since the “trigger”, which is the app, is not there anymore. This is an interesting finding, but I still don’t have an exact clue on how to scientifically help people to change their habits using apps.
    • I’ve thought of developing a facebook messenger habit chatbot instead. But then I realized the value may be limited, and it can become messy when there’re multiple habits to track.
    • I’m not sure now what to develop. I might even abandon the app for now. We’ll see. Because one thing I realized is that I do want to put my development time to good use. After releasing an app, especially if it’s a paid one, then I’m obliged to provide maintenance and bug fixes consistently. Therefore, I would want my app/website/whatever to be something I can enjoy working with for a long time.
  • On this blog –
    • There was a comment on Reddit back then, saying “you’re trying to become a blogger, not an entrepreneur” – And I laughed off denying so. But after thinking through it, I realized that it’s in fact a valid concern. At the first few days, I was obsessed with writing posts in an engaging way, to the extent that I was spending 1~2 hours per day on blogging and promoting it on reddit, facebook, etc. I was seeking for attention. I have to confess now that I did flirt with the thought of “what if it goes viral and I can get enough ad money just from people reading it”
    • 1 ~ 2 hours spent per day on blogging is 1 ~ 2 hours not spent on creating my side business. This time is highly valuable since I’ve a full time job. And so I’ve decided not to actively promote this blog for now. And I’ll only post updates when there’s actual progress made that is relevant to this journey, instead of just squeezing out random thoughts to hide the fact that I didn’t do anything during that day.
    • I was also thinking of what extent of my development progress should I share, because I’m genuinely afraid of my spoken ideas would be copied by other product makers who happen to read this blog. Yes I’m selfish, and I would like my development to go in stealth mode for some time before popping up. At least in that case, if you are to copy, it’ll still take some time and I’ll have the first mover advantage. So no, I’m not gonna lie to you now and say that I’ll share everything I’ve on my mind. I’ll only share those that I’m not afraid of you copying. I’m pretty sure people will criticize on this view point and think I’m naive, haha, but that’s just me for now. I might be different if I at least have one successful product in the future, which shall make me much more generous I presume.

So moving forward, you’ll NOT receive regular updates, unless I feel like enough progress has been made and I’m comfortable of sharing. LOL, well, I’m just trying to focus on being an entrepreneur rather than just a blogger. But since my mind can change quite quickly, 80% of what I’ve just said in today’s post could become invalid by tomorrow. We’ll see ; )

I just want to show you my true far from perfect self as much as possible, and it’ll be fun to read all these journals when I get old. And hey, it’s super liberating now to not needing to consider my reader’s feelings or interests, lol. And by not promoting it on reddit, I don’t have to deal with the emotional burden of “fuck you you piece of shit” type of comments.

“How can I follow or get in touch?”

I’ll be posting updates as much as possible on this site. To get notifications, here’re several channels you may also follow:

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2 thoughts on “Day 27/365 of my 5k USD monthly side income goal”

  1. No one will steal ideas 🙂 people have too many of their own, and an idea is 90% implementation.

    I’d like to continue seeing your updates, writing helps you think, don’t write for us, write for yourself. Reddit is a cynical place full of cynical people and they hate everything.

    There are more people reading than you think, we just don’t comment often.


    1. Hey Amando, long time no see haha, thanks for your comment!
      Maybe I should just try living without that fear for a while and see how it goes lol
      How’ve you been man


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