Day 3/365 of my 5k USD monthly side income goal

This is part of the ongoing documentary of my journey to reach my ~5k USD monthly side income goal to be completed by 2019/7/22. Click here for why.

It’s day 3 and I’ve found that there’s a serious problem – I just can’t make significant progress every single day in the next 362 days. Some days I’ll just need a break. For example, today.

So yes, I’ve a lazy side too, just like most of you out there. I’m still in a full time job and that’s half of my day already. And I ain’t gonna quit due to obvious financial reasons. I feel like it’s too risky for me.

It’s unfortunate that I’m not in a movie, if so I can skip through the boring, painful and uninspiring parts and get to the conclusions of things. Cest La Vie.

But laziness can be good

Well, we all suffer from laziness and procrastination. It’s how our brains are engineered, to take the path of least resistance whenever possible, so that we can conserve energy for survival.

I think it’s brilliant, because it fundamentally drives some of us to create more efficient or “lazier” ways of doing things. If all of us were engineered to be hard workers 24/7, we would probably still be living in the caves and tirelessly hunting beasts.

However, one problem with laziness, is the regret we might have afterwards. At least that’s the problem for me, I feel guilty many times when setting out to complete certain tasks but then soon surrendering to laziness.

And so what has always intrigued me is how to help people like me to get things done effectively, even when we don’t feel like it, so that we won’t be regretful afterwards and hate ourselves.

Thus the habit app I’ve mentioned in my last post shall be attempt #1 in helping to make an impact.

See you guys tomorrow, I won’t be sharing this post everywhere because there’s nothing productive to write about today. I’m not as shameless as you think, lol.

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