Day 2/365 of my 5k USD monthly side income goal

This is part of the ongoing documentary of my journey to reach my ~5k USD monthly side income goal to be completed by 2019/7/22. Click here for why.

Some ranting

I’m in zombie mode now. I’ve just pulled an all-nighter to finish up a code test for interview which is due today.

Why? Because I’ve been seeking for a new job.

Why? Because I’m not satisfied with my current job.

Why? Because I’m not working on stuff that excites me and brings me the growth I want.

Why? Well… it’s a job, that’s why. You’re getting paid to help build somebody else’s dream. How often does somebody else’s dream align perfectly with yours? Even if you think you’ve found the perfect job, would they hire you?

And that’s why I’ve always been looking into starting something on my own. How much time do we have in our lives to wait for the perfect thing to happen? Why don’t we just try to create the perfect opportunity by ourselves?

Okay, enough of ranting and I shall turn on my optimistic self, lol

The main topic – what to build?

Back to the main topic (finally) – What first app/website to build in my journey? (Notice that I’m using the word “first”, because I’m going for the fail-99-times-and-succeed-once approach)

Since I’m personally a big fan of personal motivation and productivity, a lot of ideas that I’ve already thought of are habit apps, todo apps, calendar apps, motivation apps, etc.

But of course, I’m not gonna limit myself on just these realms. In fact, there’s this super interesting idea in a reply on reddit by Twice_Knightley on creating a 99U Design + Fiverr for T-Shirts, so users pay to get designers design T-Shirts for them.

For now though, I’ve decided to build a habit tracking app (yes, another habit app) to break my virginity in the App Store. I realize that the more I think the less likely I’ll act. So I’ll be using React Native (which is used in my day job as well) to build my app. In fact, I’ve already coded some prototype screens quite a while ago, but looking at it now I’m not satisfied, thus I’ll probably start from scratch.


So I’ve shared my day 1 post on Reddit/Facebook and the responses were even more polarized than the day 0 post. Some were literally “fuck you you piece of shit” style of responses. Others were really encouraging, inspiring and positive, thank you!

What I really love about Reddit is that people won’t sugar coat their thoughts (Partially due to anonymity?), and you get to see raw responses on whatever you put out there.

How to come up with ideas?

And to answer @KTakatsuji ‘s question on twitter: How do you go about thinking of ideas to start?

For me, I’ve been consciously training my ability to see what’s possible in the world, and I write down whatever idea that floats up in my mind. Overtime, it became a nice mental habit which helps me to get ideas coming in everyday.

And here’re several ways for me to come up with ideas

1. Solve your own problems, as mentioned in Pieter Levels’

2. Bring business models from other industries into the one you’re interested in – Very interesting approach as I’ve read up in The Business Model Navigator: 55 Models That Will Revolutionise Your Business

3. Come up with 10 ideas per day – The aforementioned approach, not exactly 10 but it definitely helps. This concept is actually from Become an Idea Machine: Because Ideas Are the Currency of the 21st Century

4. Be attentive to what others are doing – Say there’s a great idea working well in Spain, but it’s non-existent in your hometown yet, well that could be a good idea.

So this is it, see you tomorrow!


“How can I follow or get in touch?”

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2 thoughts on “Day 2/365 of my 5k USD monthly side income goal”

  1. Instead of “coming up” with ideas, start with your talents; knowledge and skills. If you start “out there” you’re going to be weeding through a lot of ideas you can’t execute. Plus, you’re inviting a lot of uncertainty into the picture.

    Do an inventory of your talents. Find an audience that uses or needs those talents but best if it’s one you already belong to.

    Once you’ve identified an audience, start digging into what friction they encounter while trying to attain their goals. Your idea will emerge from the intersection of your talents and their friction…what you can solve for them.

    Hopefully you’ll find a lot of things you can fix. Then start thinking about what resources you have at your disposal and figure out that intersection: things you know how to fix vs things you have the time, money, and energy to fix.

    Centering on your capabilities (talents AND resources) will help keep the uncertainty down to a manageable level…usually.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Paul, thanks for the advice! Indeed, if I neglect my current talents, I might come up with ideas well out of my capabilities, which may be difficult to execute with a competitive edge.


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