Day 0/365 of my 5k USD monthly side income goal

Hi guys, I’m a 25 y/o web/app developer working in Hong Kong who’s also a passionate startup/product person.

I’ll be documenting my journey to reach my ~5k USD monthly side income goal to be completed by 2019/7/22.

And I’ll be doing this by creating loads of digital products, until one or more succeeds.

But… why?

To help financially support my family

My dad has been the sole income source for our entire family since my birth. I truly admire my dad for that he’s still working in his 70s now to support our family. He’s a small business owner who manufactures and sells some very niche traditional F&B machinery in China. It’s getting tough now to thrive with all the market copycats due to the relatively low tech barrier.

Doing what I love – To create great products

I’ve always dreamed of creating one or two successful products which shall also bring social good to the society, and to live off that, just like what my dad did.

Since grad I’ve already failed hard once with a startup attempt of a local job site, which I’ve learnt a lot from it.

Inspired by Pieter Levels’ – I’ve realized that it’s possible to generate a great amount of income (50k usd for Pieters each month) just by creating great products that solve real pain points, without getting money from investors.

Eventually, I hope with enough side income, I can focus full time working on my own products, and possibly expand to full blown startups, etc.

Why 5K USD?

5k * 12 = 60k USD per year, which may not seem like a lot, especially in US where software engineers have sky high salaries and taxes. But in HK, taxes are relatively low and 60k USD per year is what senior developers earn.

Most importantly, I’m talking about 5k monthly income ONLY from side income, which means I’ll have to come up with some pretty creative websites/apps, as freelancing afterwork is definitely not enough and sustainable.

Why document this?

Inspired by Gary Vee’s “document your journey no matter what” approach, I wanted to try documenting my own journey too. I guess it’ll also help to keep myself committed. And who knows, this may inspire some of you out there to start creating products to better this world too.

“Why should I follow or care?”

It’s your call. I’m not a successful person yet by conventional societal standards. The products I’ll be creating may or may not be inspiring to you.

I’m just a passionate young dude who wants to seize my own destiny by doing what I love – creating awesome products, just like what my dad did.

However, I’ll be sharing my learnings and thoughts along the way. If this works out, this documentary may help guide you to reach a similar goal as mines. If this doesn’t, it’ll also provide lessons for failures to avoid.

“How can I follow?”

I’ll be posting daily updates as much as possible on this site. To get notifications, here’re several channels you may also follow:

Email Newsletter:




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